Cate Blanchett says coronavirus response has been 'bizarre'

Hollywood star Cate Blanchett has been baffled by the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cate Blanchett thinks the global response to the coronavirus pandemic has been ”bizarre”.

The 51-year-old movie star thinks the disjointed response to the health crisis proves that humans are a ”very strange species”, and she’s saddened that economic concerns have been so central in recent months.

Asked about Italy’s approach to the pandemic, she told a press conference at the Venice Film Festival: ”Uncle economy seems to be the most important member of the family.

”I find it bizarre that the World Health Organization is not being allowed to lead this global challenge.

”I think we’re a very strange species that we don’t learn by the painful examples, for example the terrible stress that Italy was under and when it reached other countries they didn’t learn a painful lesson – the way things were handled and the challenges those countries that were first hit and what they faced and what other countries could perhaps prepare for.

”It’s a very strange thing that I still don’t quite understand, that we behave in quite obtuse and fragmented and destructive ways.”

Cate is the president of the Venice Film Festival’s jury, and she thinks it’s remarkable that this year’s event is even being staged, given the ongoing threat of coronavirus.

The Hollywood star – who is married to screenwriter Andrew Upton – said: ”It seems a miracle, actually.

”I applaud the organisers of the festival for their inventiveness and resilience and collaboration … We have to reopen, safely and tentatively.”

Cate also voiced her support for filmmakers around the world who are having to adjust to new norms amid the health crisis.

She said: ”I am here in support and solidarity with filmmakers who had to complete films under very challenging and difficult circumstances.”